Vinson Holding 50th Reunion , Classmates Sought

Updated 2 years ago by Marilyn Howells

Vinson High School Class of 1967 will have it's 50 year reunion on Sat. June 10, 2017 at St.

Clouds Common. There will also be events on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. Please call Marilyn Howells (304-529-2060) or Joyce Clark ( 429-4032) for details. We are also trying to find contact info for classmates and those that were with our class many years, but moved etc. before graduation.

We are also looking for former teachers, and are asking that they call.


Please help find current addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for the following is a list of classmates? If you have contact info for anyone on this list, please call. Even if you only know how to reach one of their family members, that would help. We know where some may be, but don’t have exact addresses. 

Larry Adkins, Linda Bradley Chaffin,  Sara Conn Watts, Sandy Hughey Kelly, Pat Maloney, David Montgomery, Ronnie Neal,  JoAnn Ross Woody, Gary Salyers, Sandy Sumey Marshall, Jimmy Williams, Karen Wise Trout, Jerry Stevenson, Mike Fannin, George Morgan Hunter, David Kidd, Janie Voit Latt, Larry Tully, Gary Barret, Charon Craiger, Sandra Lucas, Bob Selby, Harriett Wills, Sandy Christopher,  Judy Dickens, Patricia Fitzpatrick,  Norma Smith, Sharon Smith, Steven Smith, Phillis Ward, Kent Winton, Jeff Young, Mike Young,
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