All Female Crew Shots "The Wedding Invitation"

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All Female Crew Shots "The Wedding Invitation"

[PRESSWIRE] Los Angeles, CA (June 5, 2017) – Freestyle Digital Media is releasing the female-lead and female-crewed buddy comedy THE WEDDING INVITATION June 6th.

The film stars Rainy Kerwin (PRIDE & PREJUDICE), Camille Guaty (GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST and Eoin Macken (“The Night Shift”)

“We shot the film with an all-female crew in an effort to make a small dent in the gender parity gap that plagues our industry. And we’re donating 5% of the film’s net profits to 10 women’s charities and organizations in an effort to move the dial forward for women on a broader scale,” said Rainy Kerwin, Producer.

The upbeat female buddy comedy follows three best friends as they scramble to find plus ones for an upcoming wedding. THE WEDDING INVITATION is packed with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as the three leads fight through heartbreak, humiliation and hangovers to desperately avoid going stag to the wedding of a lifetime.

Kerwin, who also wrote and directed THE WEDDING INVITATION, tried to make this film many years ago, before BRIDESMAIDS was released, when nobody knew what a female-driven comedy was. She says that the “money men” wouldn’t fund it. They said that women meant significantly less than men in the foreign market and the foreign market comprised 60% of sales. The project fell apart until Kerwin finally took it back, funded it, and shot it.

Kerwin penned the script in order to create more funny roles for women. “I wanted the women to be the funny ones, the inappropriate, the raunchy. I wanted them to own the pratfalls and the head butts for a change.”

THE WEDDING INVITATION has just finished the festival circuit, played to packed houses, and racked up 6 wins and 2 nominations. The theme of the film: “Should women hit on men?” often sparks a debate with audience members.

The film was produced by Rainy Kerwin with partners Narmar Hanna and Sage Scroope for It’s Raining Films . Executive Producers include Andrea Batista, Frank L. Rogers, Jamie Berenson, Jodi N. Kalodner and Steven Kalodner. 

About Rainy Kerwin: 

Rainy grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she studied acting at the Manitoba Theatre Center and the University of Manitoba. She founded It’s Raining Films in 2008 and she is currently based in Los Angeles.

About It’s Raining Films: It’s Raining Films is a film production company that specializes in feature films.



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