Patrick Lane for Governor? Please ...

HNN Staff
Patrick Lane for Governor? Please ...

In West Virginia politics, there is a strange kind of creature that may not be as prevalent in other states.  This kind of politico inhabits both parties and can only be explained as an attempt to pump up one's positives so much that the negatives the public clearly sees are somehow made hidden from view.

Or so the politico in question hopes.

Examples of this strange breed include, on the Democratic side, former Delegate Ron Thomspon (D-Raleigh), whose prolonged absence from his duties demanded a resignation.Yet Thompson only tendered it much later, leaving his constituents without representation for months.

So why stay on so long?  Perhaps something was wrong with his health, but clearly, he could have turned the reins over earlier to someone else, so that his constituents could have had a functioning delegate.

And then there's Senator Randy White, whose fall from grace was stupendous.  But he somehow found a way to keep his job, despite all the finger painting.

On the Republican side, the fans of Mac Warner had to endure their champion running for high office while newspapers blared the truth that his family's business was going through bankruptcy.  So much for the party of fiscal responsibility.

But now a new statewide GOP candidate from Kanawha County has emerged to take the crown from Warner for most shameless Republican.  His name is Patrick Lane, and he is a Delegate and attorney.

Lane calls himself a conservative, but he is the first Kanawha County legislator—in either party--to charge expenses from the state government for his legislative service. After all, the state capitol is in Charleston, so Kanawha County legislators have done the right thing by not charging for staying at home and having short drives to the capitol.

Until Lane.  Kanawha Countians know this, but perhaps Lane hopes that it can be kept quiet elsewhere.  Why else would he run for Governor with this kind of baggage?

Moreover, as a personal injury attorney, he may have a hard time with the Tea Party folks and other conservatives in both parties.

We suggest that Patrick Lane find a way to pay for his local travel expenses as a legislator first before taking on the significant financial task of running for Governor.  Then maybe someone will take him seriously.