Owners Say "Nothing of Value" Left in Non Lobby Portion of Keith's

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Owners Say "Nothing of Value" Left in Non Lobby Portion of Keith's

Although destruction by neglect continues, a contractor has received the green light to destroy what's left of the RKO Keith Albee in Flushing, NY, except for landmarked lobby portions.

 The entire structure once had a landmark designation, but an unscrupulous developer succeeded in removing the auditorium from the listing.

"That is so sad.... let something so beautiful just decay to the point where you can't save it. What a crime," sums up feelings of the Save the Keith group, though many admit that preservation of the lobby might be the only alternative.

Moderator Chris Keliberg who published a book on the once elegant theater designed by Thomas Lamb and opened in 1928 like Huntington's Keith Albee. Keliberg has called attention to some unauthorized videos shot inside the structure to allow you to answer whether 'there's anything of value' left to save and restore or whether a wrecker's ball is the answer and a high rise condo. 

Keliberg complimented the Keith Albee preservation in Huntington during the 'gala.' It's a testament to the community working together, and, in particular, to the sacrifices of the Hyman family who selflessly maintained the structure so it would not fall into the 'demolition by decay' category.

Although some of the above videos incorporate images from various sites, these more recently, have been arrested after their trek. 

This is a 2011 short 30 second clip of the interior of the RKO Keith's in Flushing Queens. The view scans from the stage to the rear facing the balcony, shot in night mode. The balcony support truss can be seen intact. Much of the plaster work, from the proscenium and along the sides is still there. What becomes of these artifacts and treasures... once wrecker's move in? 



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