Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Natsu no Tsubasacon 2017 Includes Potluck Picnic, Cosplay

The 2017 Natsu no Tsubasacon will be Sunday, June 25 from 12 to 4 p.ml at Ritter Park near the covered picnic area.

Servings are potluck style. The event is free, but sign up to bring some type of goodies at:


Among the activities are: an anime and Manga swap; summer themed cospays and contest; kick ball game, lawn games, and Suikawari. (View images from 2016,  here, http://www.huntingtonnews.net/139097 )

Special Demos by:

Black Fire Valley
SCA - Heavy Fighting
Imperial Legion
Tri-State Jen'Saarai


The rules for the cosplay contest and categories include a judging change i.e. participants will be assigned a time to report for judging. Categories are: Best Summer Design; Original Design; Best Overall. For details see below:



BEST SUMMER DESIGN: This category is for those who did a summer version of their favorite character.

ORIGINAL DESIGN: This category is for all costumes that are based on your own design or a fanart design.

BEST OVERALL: This category is for all contestants.

Natsu no Tsubasacon 2017 Includes Potluck Picnic, Cosplay


Let us see your summer version of your cosplays! Do you have a fun summer version of your favorite character? Come on and enter your idea! You can even do original design characters as well. We will all play and have fun in the sun. Just stay cool and hydrated while outside.

You can register for the contest at the cosplay table. Remember if your costume is being judged we might not know all the characters so bring a reference picture, if you can. It is preferred for it to be a color printout, but bringing figures, tablets, manga, books, laptops, etc., will also be accepted. We will schedule you a time at sign-up to come back for judging of your outfit. You do NOT have to have made your outfit for this contest. This is for everyone so come enter! We will do 10 minute spots for the judging so come back over to the table early please.