Public Service Commission Division Open to "informal" Complaints Related to Huntington Sanitary Billing, Water Cutoff Concerns

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Public Service Commission Division  Open to "informal" Complaints Related to Huntington Sanitary Billing, Water Cutoff Concerns

The WV Public Service Commission has asked that residents with concerns regarding their interactions with the Huntington Sanitary Board may be discussed with the commission on an informal basis.  S

usan Small, communications director, responded to an HNN inquiry Wednesday, June 21 asking that customers call the Utility Complaint number 1-800-642-8544. "This would be an informal process," she said.

Earlier, HNN published the state statutes concerning water, sanitary and stormwater including legislative measures on payment and water disconnection including procedures prior to disconnection.

Small said, in full:

"Our staff has recommended you provide the Public Service Commission’s Utility Complaint Phone Number (1-800-642-8544)  to the people contacting you with complaints regarding utilities so those customers can contact the PSC directly.  We can review each customer’s situation based upon the particular facts.  This would be the informal process.  Customers also have the option of a formal complaint but we recommend the informal process be used first.

Also, the PSC does not have jurisdiction over Municipal Stormwater and with the passage of House Bill 3096 (effective July 7, 2017) will no longer have jurisdiction over stormwater by public service districts."

The PSC maintains financial reports on the HSB dating back to 1991. Ms. Small described how to access them:


"You will find a link to the Annual Reports for the Huntington Sanitary Board on the Commission website at From the “Utility Type” dropdown menu, click on “Sewer.” Then in the “Utility Name Contains” field, type “Huntington.” This will take you to a list of Huntington Sanitary Board’s Annual Reports dating back to 1991."


Small stressed that "the Commission does not have jurisdiction over the Water Quality Board or the Stormwater Utility. You can contact the Water Quality Board at 304-696-5564 or If you wish to contact the West Virginia Environmental Quality Board, you can reach them at 304-926-0445 or"

Tammy Tabor , Supervisor II Waste and Wastewater Division, indicated the phone line is available 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Her email is: .

Customers of HSB and the stormwater utility have made various complaints to HNN and on Facebook concerning telephone lines, customer service, billing, water cutoffs, alleged improper charges, and verbal abuse.

Tabor emphasized:

The information contained has been provided   as assistance from the Water and Wastewater Division of the Public Service Commission of WV (Commission), and as such, the contents therein are not binding on Staff or the Commission in its decision-making, should a formal case arise related to this information.

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