Mom Delivers near West Huntington Speedway Lot

Updated 1 year ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

A woman gave birth Monday afternoon July 3 outside near the Speedway Convenience Store located on Madison Avenue and W. 16th Street, according to scanner, dispatch and eyewitnesses. The child was lying on the grass and apparently a bystander cut the cord.

T.J. Shepherd posted on Facebook: "I just lost my shirt about an hour ago to a great cause. My aunt, sister and I were at Speedway in the West End and we delivered a baby. Some woman came running out of a house screaming so we made our way towards her just to find she is in the middle of having her child. All covered in blood and taking his.her  first breath I got to wrap my shirt around and hold this baby during its first moment of life."

EMS was dispatched to the scene. The Mother and baby are fine.

No confirmation on why the woman gave birth at that location.


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