Web Cyber Sleuths Re-Awaken Burns Cold Case; Just Dig Mantra Spreads

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Web Cyber Sleuths Re-Awaken Burns Cold Case; Just Dig Mantra Spreads

Internet sleuths that search for overlooked cold case clues have converged on the Samantha Burns case.   The Marshall student went missing in 2002. Although Chad Fulks confessed and was sentenced to death for her death, Ms. Burns remains have not been found. 

 However, a viral video by Chesapeake, Ohio, resident Jimmy Hysell  has racked up over 200,000 views on the world wide web. And, a debate over his 'credibility' and lack of immediate law enforcement investigation. He claims that his wife told of remains buried on the property after he allegedly found "a bone" digging the foundation for a deck. When he took the information to law enforcement, he stated that she obtained a protective order ousting him from the property.

Local news media have been skeptical.  WOWK reported that the Lawrence County Sheriff posted a response on his Facebook page. Otherwise, "Alligator Jackson's" Inside Huntington Facebook site ignited the firestorm, but the Hysell video posted on his page has been shared thousands of times and watched by over 100,000 viewers around the world. HNN published the story of the cyber concerns after the Lawrence County Sheriff acknowledged the inquiries. Since then, WTF News (Reddit.com) has assembled postings and asked all internet sleuths to provide information on the case.

One woman posted: " Best social media experiment award goes to... Seriously is this like a Facebook murder mystery? I have so many questions and no one can answer them."



Now, his wife , Rebecca Bocook Hysell , has posted her response, inviting the Burns family for a private conference at the Ohio site and indicating that she did not want to "jeopardize" the investigation.

Web Cyber Sleuths Re-Awaken Burns Cold Case; Just Dig Mantra Spreads

  She also promises a "full in-depth account" to the "nearly one million who have taken a serious interest in this case."

Jimmy Hysell has fled after alleged threats. He has been invited to post any recordings of said threats (in part) to assist with evidence.

Meanwhile, after Hysell provided the location, the small Ohio road where the property near a creek sets has became a local magnet for curiosity seekers, prompting neighbors to complain of traffic jams.

Some relatives of death row killer Chad Fulks have complained of harassment too. They posted in the comment section on the webpage of the Lawrence County Sheriff's Office. In 2008 Fulks sent a letter stating that crystal meth and crack cocaine played a large role in the crime spree that resulted in the deaths of Burns and Alice Donavan, S.C. woman. Although Fulks confessed to the crime, he claims he did NOT kill Ms. Burns.

Both men are on death row at federal prison in Indiana.

(Editor's Note: It must be noted that despite the 'viral' nature of the recording , allegations and the tip, no news organization has "vetted" the data. HNN ran a search of historic earmarks in the case which reveal some mysteries, including not finding Ms. Burns body after an extensive search in a portion of Wayne County, WV.)

 Former Huntington City Councilman Scott Caserta posted the video on his site. He responded to HNN encouraging that a "dig" take place to clear up the allegations.

David "Alligator Jackson" Williams, posted the following on his site:

"Well, it looks like the Jimmy Hysell story is close to getting out of hand.

I am getting pleas from a Fulks family to try to do something. They claim they are getting bullied. One guy is shutting down his account. I want to ask everyone to please not harass the Fulks. They are innocent. They are not involved in this story. The man says it is so bad they may have to move out of town.(Note: The Fulks exchange occurred on the Lawrence County Sheriff FB site)

(Editor's Note: Marcus Fulks (or a respondent using his name) posted the following on Sheriff Lawless' website:

"Yall dont know about anything just what you have heard from word to mouth as much as i hate to admit it Chad Fulks is my uncle and iv been dealing with this shit since i was a kid yall don't know the half of this crap... I believe short of Chad and Brandon My uncle Dewayne was the only person who truly knows were those bodies was or what really happened to them and he took that to his grave."

Sherry Fulks responded too claiming that Hysel's wife, Rebecca,  is NOT related. Sherry Fulks told that "Tina did not help them escape [in Kentucky] she was a CO in Indiana....there was no co helped them escape just one that gave them resources it was not Tina ...."

In the Killer Crawspace blog, Chad Fulks stated others were involved, https://killerscrawlspace.wordpress.com/page/4 . However, he confessed to the killing.]

Williams continued:

 Also, the families that live by Sky Lake are upset about the traffic. They value the peace and quiet the area offers and are upset that the curious people following this story are disturbing their peace. They are already upset and scared and the deluge of strangers isn't helping. There simply isn't anything to see.

At this point the Lawrence County sheriff's department says there isn't enough evidence to dig so any pressure needs to be applied above them.

We all have the best intentions at heart as we try to provide closure for the Burns family. We also want and need to know if a serial killer is amongst us.

If we want to help the best methods are to contact people like Nancy Grace and state officials. Continue spreading the let's dig mantra but in a peaceful way.

Please don't harass his wife's family, even his wife, the Fulks family or his neighbor's.

Please remain level-headed and give justice a chance to prevail. Please do not go to the property. No trespassing laws and tampering with evidence could be enforced. Thanks for following the story but please respect all people involved."





This PSYCHIC site  contains remarks from individuals posted after the murder including newspaper reports:


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