Law Enforcement Agencies Follow Up on Burns Tip, Boxes Removed; Digging imminent

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Law Enforcement Agencies Follow Up on Burns Tip, Boxes Removed; Digging imminent

The F.B.I., Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, and the Huntington Police Department have set up tape around the Ohio property along Booth Eaton Road which allegedly contains human remains. The tip which has been viral on Facebook asserts that the remains of Samantha Burns , a Marshall University student who disappeared in 2002.  Two men are under federal death sentences for the crime, but her body has not been recovered.

All Huntington media are now reporting on the Ohio preparations.

A reader report at 8 p.m. on the Inside Huntington Facebook site, which broke the "tip" stated:

"I just drove past the place in regards to Jimmy Hysell. There are several deputy sheriffs there. Also several civilian cars. They do have tents up and spots squared off. They are carrying boxes out. Rather large boxes. Signs posted of private property no trespassing. If looking at the property from the road, the trailer is long ways. It is at the right side of it looking at it from the road. They  seem to not have come up empty handed. I would have taken pics. But they are watching traffic."

Officially, WSAZ reported that law enforcement had NOT advised them of any findings. They had indicated some "inconsistencies" in the facts known and the provided tip. However, Sheriff Lawless indicated they would "leave no stone unturned." 

Jimmy Hysell provided the tip after allegedly finding a human bone digging the foundation for a deck. 

There have been no updates from law enforcement, although social media previously suggested one discovery. 

Background reports on the Burns case can be found by clicking:


A 2002 Myrtle Beach, S.C. news report indicated that Joe Ciccarelli, then supervisory agent at the Federal Bureau's Charleston, W.Va., office, would not comment, other than to say his office is participating in the Burns investigation. Ciccarelli is now Huntington's police chief. 


This You Tube video includes a portion of Jimmy Hysell's story telling how his wife allegedly told him that the remains of Samantha Burns were buried on the property. 



Missing in America discussing the Burns case and the tip.



Video of the property


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