Compiled From a Provided Press Release; Edited by HNN
Paul Claims Second in Iowa Paper’s Poll; First in Tea Party Voting

Having turned down a debate invitation from reality-show host, Donald Trump, Rep. Ron Paul has overtaken Mitt Romney in the Des Moines Register’s new  taken prior to Herman Cain’s campaign suspension.

Former House speaker and D.C. heavy baggage carrying , Newt Gingrich, who culled 25% of likely Republican caucusgoer voters. Grassroots favorite and the only Congressman with a reputation for not flip-flopping , Ron Paul, scored 18%, while former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney finished at 16%.  Rounding out the top five were Rep. Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain each at 8%.

Jeni G. Johnson, a former Cain supporter, wrote her vote now goes into Paul’s corner. “He seems to be the only choice left, that is not part of the typical mainstream political game. The only one with principles,” she said.

Calling Paul “someone who understands the Constitution and would abide by it,” Jason Schneider, Cheyenne, Wyoming, encouraged independents and “Anybody but Obama” to support the Texas Congressman. Schneider suggested Paul as a good choice for those disappointed by Obama’s non-delivery of “change” and allowing the ‘wars’ to consume almost his entire term.

Meanwhile, members of the Debuque, Iowa, Tea-Party showed their continued love for Paul, as he placed first in the organizations first traditional straw poll.  About 90 people participated in the five elimination round poll, more than doubling Newt Gingrich in the final round, 59-24.

“We have always said that Ron Paul and the Tea Party supporters have shared values,” said Drew Ivers , the Iowa campaign chairman for the Paul campaign.

When it comes to appealing to traditional value Tea Party members, Gingrich’s past has already shot himself in both feet. When he stepped down at the height of his rise to speaker, he faced 84 ethics violations. In addition, after having stampeded calls for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton when his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky peaked, Gingrich had to defend two affairs of his own. Once leaving the nation’s capital as an elected official , he has earned millions from “consulting” for high level politically sensitive agencies, including the ailing Freddie and Fannie Mae mortgage funds.

Critics have tried to accuse him of lobbying on their behalf, but Gingrich has so far successfully swatted away most of the foul deeds from the past.