Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. in Virginia is not for sale

UPDATED: Loss of Kroger, Natural Disaster, Economy Puts Gunnoe Farms Sausage & Salad for Sale

Updated 44 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

Citing the loss of a major contract with the Kroger Company, the owners of Gunnoe Farms Sausage & Salad announced via Facebook that the company is for sale.

The WV based company is NOT related to one by a similar name --- Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. in Virginia which  is not for sale, according to Cynthia Gunnoe, Vice President. Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. (See Separate Story)

Gunnoe Farm Salad has operated for nearly 70 years and survived natural disasters and a declining economy. They cited compensation delays in the Elk River chemical disaster as another reason.

Their FB post stated:

Good morning to all my customers and friends. We received some devastating news to my company. Our jalapeno spread, egg salad, and 24 ounce potato salad, macaroni salad, and Cole slaw have all been discontinued in Kroger stores. Kroger stores have been one of our best accounts for well over 50 years!

After losing everything in my coolers and freezers in June 2012, then the water crisis in Janurary 2014 when I couldn't make product, the losses have been devastating. Now the water crisis settlement is delayed again, so I can't depend on getting any of my losses paid back this year. I don't know how I'm going to survive this.

We have been in business this fall for 70 years, but the business climate in West Virginia is at an all time low. People always need to eat but with less people every year, my sales have been dropping. It's heartbreaking! The fact that our salads will no longer be sold by the biggest grocery chain in my home state might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. If anyone is interested in buying a gently used, well maintained food manufacturing company please call me, because the company is now FOR SALE.

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