Casting Call for Gauley River Series
A Beckley born and raised West Virginia native has teamed up with a former Gauley River video boater and network television producers to develop a show about the Gauley River and Fayetteville area and the unique characters who call it home.

Whether you’re a rookie guide getting ready to start spring training, or a river veteran who has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience under your belt, send an email to to share your story. Include your name, age, location and profession and describe your personal history with the Gauley River and Fayetteville and what it means to you.

Please, also include at least two photos (one close-up and one full length shot). Videos also are accepted (please include your YouTube or Dropbox link). If you are not a guide but have a compelling connection to the river that you’d like to share, also send an email!