Clearing Up Confusion, Virginia Gunnoe Sausage NOT for Sale

Updated 1 year ago

Following  the announcement that the WV based Gunnoe Farm Salad is for sale, Gunnoe Sausage contacted us with a clarification.

The letter from their vice president, Cynthia Gunnoe , is below:


I wanted to contact you regarding the above link you published to clarify some information.   There are 2 separate Gunnoe companies.   The one that posted on Facebook is R. G. Gunnoe Farms located in Charleston, WV.  They manufacture all the Gunnoe Farms Salad products.     The other company is Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. located in Virginia.  We manufacture all the Gunnoe Sausage products, and I am Vice President of that company.   I just wanted to let you know that Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. is not for sale, nor are we closing.  All of our Sausage items will still be available in all the Kroger stores as well as other outlets in the Mid-Atlantic area.   In addition, only a few salad items are being discontinued in Kroger, so the Facebook post by Gunnoe Farms Salads was not entirely accurate as to the situation regarding the salad distribution in Kroger.  I cannot comment on the other information in the Facebook post because it is not my company.   I would appreciate you clarifying the information in your post.   As I am sure you well know, everything you see on Facebook is not always accurate.   Thank you for you time.  If you need additional information please feel free to contact me.   Thank you,   Cynthia Gunnoe Vice President Gunnoe Sausage Co., Inc. Goode, Va.
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