by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent, by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor


Overdoses Spike for Two Hour Period Friday; Another  in Convenience Store Rest Room

Exposure of law enforcement officers has prompted the Huntington Police Department to alter protocols on drug related incidents.

Meanwhile, residents have to be vigilant when moving/driving about, specifically to avoid discarded needles or other items. One photo sent to the Inside Huntington forum showed part of a needle in a vehicle door key slot. 

Parents are warned about children at playgrounds and in streets, not simply picking something up but using caution (or avoiding) barefeet.

David Williams, a substance abuse mental health counselor, explained how residents should respond to these new realities:

 "First call 911. If you administer Narcan and the person dies and you didn't call can be manslaughter. Obviously you won't have gloves, so pull your shirt over your hands...or use a cloth. Then skake their shirt before doing chest compressions in case something is spilled. If EMT is close, wait for them."

Warnings about discarded needles apply to pets, too. One woman posted on social media:" "Just found a heroin spoon in my yard. It still had a lot on it, if my dogs would have licked it, they would have died."

Another posting complains about a vacant house overrun with drug addicts:

"There is also a house across the street from us that has been vacant for a while, and the junkies keep breaking into it to shoot up. I've run them off myself SEVERAL times, with a gun, but they keep coming back. The cops won't even come to to  board it up, and the owners will do NOTHING about it."

On Friday afternoon July 21 over the course of two hours (about 1-3 p.m. ) , five overdoses were unofficially reported:

Overdoses Spike for Two Hour Period Friday; Another  in Convenience Store Rest Room

* Two at Harris Riverfront Park

* 900 block of Madison Avenue

* 2200 block of Ninth Avenue (three doses Narcan administered)

* 1600 block of 12th Avenue (two doses)

* 700 block of Sixth Avenue (front of Sheetz), two OD's

* 1000 block of Washington Avenue

* 1400 block of Third Avenue in RR at 7/11

Scanner traffic reported two additional potential OD's --- one in a bathroom at Chase Bank and another near the Ritter Park Rose Garden who had apparently been "shooting up."

*These reports are unofficial posted  by Williams based on his own observation, reporting  and his informant sources.