Response to Objection by SCE&G to Hearing by Friends of the Earth & the Sierra Club on Status of Bungled Nuclear Reactor Project

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release
Columbia, SC – In an effort to stymie an open discussion on the fate of its bundled nuclear reactor construction project, South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G) has objected to a hearing on the matter before the South Carolina Public Service Commission, as requested by Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club.  It its filings, SCE&G arrogantly ignores the public interest and regulatory procedures and claims only it controls the fate of a formal discussion on the fate of the troubled nuclear reactor project.
  The SCE&G documents, filed on July 19 with the South Carolina Public Service Commission, were placed in the hearing docket (number 2017-207-E) on July 20. The documents underscore the hubris that got the company into the mess it now finds itself, according to Tom Clements, Senior Adviser with Friends of the Earth.   Additionally, SCE&G has objected to a document request filed by Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club to help get to the bottom of the reactor boondoggle now facing ratepayers and Santee Cooper and cooperative customers.  A hearing on the matter, as requested by the environmental groups, has been scheduled by the PSC for October 2.     Statement of Tom Clements, Friends of the Earth, on SCE&G’s “MOTION TO DISMISS COMPLAINT/PETITION OF
FRIENDS OF THE EARTH AND SIERRA CLUB” By its action today, SCE&G insists that it cannot be held accountable to its ratepayers for imprudent mismanagement of the failing V.C.Summer nuclear reactor construction project but nothing could be further from the truth.  SCE&G’s “Motion to Dismiss” the complaint by Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club, now pending before the Public Service Commission, claims that neither the Commission, the Office Regulatory Staff, nor the Company’s ratepayers control the crucial decisions about the problem-plagued reactor project. SCE&G falsely claims that utility management and its stockholders have sole discretion to decide the future of the bungled project, now billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule.   SCE&G has the arrogance to claim that it alone may choose whether to abandon construction and to saddle ratepayers with even higher utility bills. SCE&G’s self-serving motion seeks complete dismissal of our pending complaint and stonewalls all responses seeking legal discovery of information regarding fraud or misrepresentation of the project’s construction cost and schedule. Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club will vigorously oppose SCE&G’s Motion to Dismiss and call on ORS and the Commission to protect ratepayers by holding SCE&G accountable for its mismanagement of the ill-conceived and poorly managed project.  
A formal response by Friends of the Earth/Sierra Club will be filed soon with the PSC.
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