by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Facts Concerning Asian Developer Destruction of Flushing Keith's Spur Free Speech Battle
Photo Chris Kellberg

The heart breaking impending demise of the formerly landmarked RKO Keith's in Flushing, N.Y. has generated a Facebook free speech battle. One group --- not the one to which we refer --- has sent out instructions that only positive posts will be accepted.

Actions appear to be a method to destroy history that led to the de-landmarking of the entire building, including the destruction of a portion of the auditorium by an oil spill in the basement which resulted in fines.

One woman stated:

"They are trying to cover up the demise of the RKO because it was destroyed by an Asian, news flash, they can't erase history. Thomas Huang is responsible for the destruction of the theater."

Chris Kellberg , who visited Huntington on the Keith Albee's anniversary stated that the forum he moderates:

File Photo of Kellberg at Keith gala with Bunny Bombshell
File Photo of Kellberg at Keith gala with Bunny Bombshell
for HNN by Chris Hayes

"I've seen how posts about the RKO in other Queens groups can sometimes generate off topic comments but very seldom here, if I do see something divisive I'll just delete it. The RKO was and is for the community of Flushing and a symbol for all NYC landmarks. It is part of the success story of an immigrant who went on to become one of America's best and most prolific theatre architects: NYC trained and based Thomas Lamb."

John Watts said this of the other groups censorship:


"The Admins here have decided to remove any photos or messages about what happened to the Keith's after I guess about 1970. We have found in the past that posts like that lead to comments that may be political or injurious to some.
Our mission is to show Flushing's history, its old buildings, its people and events. Positive posts please."


This is bs.

I stated facts. Nothing speculative. Nothing racial.

Thomas Huang is responsible for the destruction of the Keith's Theatre. 

They want positive posts..... About the Keith's?

JJust look at the photos.... This is reality.