Piketon Waste Cell Would Allegedly Violate Toxic Substances Act

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Piketon Waste Cell Would Allegedly Violate Toxic Substances Act

Having advocated to the Department of Energy for years concerning the "infrastructure of the rock" under portions of the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant that would be utilized  for waste disposal activity, Vina Colley, Nuclear Workers for Justice, praised findings of The Ferguson Group’s Karl Kalbacher. Piketon hired the environmental specialist to evaluate the 4000 page DOE study and Record of Decision

He told the Chillicothe Gazette:

"“The (Record of Decision) says that DOE will dig down to competent bedrock, but their landfill construction specifications leave large areas of fractured bedrock in place which will create a faster pathway for low-level nuclear and hazardous wastes to migrate and could also undermine the structural integrity of the landfill,” Kalbacher said. “It simply should not be constructed this way and, at a minimum, it must be modified. We don’t know why or how Ohio EPA concurred with this.”

Kalbacher also contends that the Toxic Substances Review Act will be violated by placing the  landfill site in an area where ground water is 21 feet below the surface. Fifty feet is required.

The village of Piketon, the Site Specific Advisory Board, two townships, and two school districts have opposed the waste cell.

Piketon Mayor Billy Spencer said in a press release:

"“What else has to happen for people to recognize this whole path forward is flawed?” Spencer said. “The bedrock is cracked and we have a neighbor 1,000 feet from where this thing is supposed to be built. DOE has lied to the public about the geological conditions. They were caught in the lie, yet the Ohio EPA doesn’t seem to think anything ought to change.”

He continued:

"“The work done to date has been the clearing of trees and the construction of infrastructure, all of which are necessary for economic development of that area, which is exactly what should happen there,” Spencer said. “It’s time for the Record of Decision to be reopened, to change this decision and ship this waste to the desert and time to get on with the business of doing something positive with that land that can actually lead to jobs.”

For additional details visit: http://www.chillicothegazette.com/story/news/local/2017/07/30/piketon-do...


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