Chris Fields Grateful for Transformers Recovery Program

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release
Chris Fields Grateful for Transformers Recovery Program

Chris Fields, was married, had 2 children and a career as an LPN, but after her divorce in 2012, her life went sideways. She began using drugs, became an addict and lost everything: her house, car, career and her children. She sought treatment but continued to return to the addiction until she was arrested on and found herself in jail. “I realized this wasn’t working” she said.

She went to a faith based program in Ironton, OH and began to deal with her issues. During this time she came to the Huntington City Mission’s recovery program.

“I didn’t want to go to HCM, that was not my plan but God had a different plan and living here has changed my perspective about the Huntington City Mission. The Transformers Recovery Program has changed my life, I found my identity, who I am, my true worth, my purpose; it’s changed my thinking and my drive” Chris said. She is grateful for the Transformers Recovery Program, the Drug Court team, the process and her therapy because it has all lead to her getting her life back.

Chris is 15 months sober, has her driver’s license back, is working, paying child support, and visiting with her children. She is currently in phase 3 of the drug court program, active in her AA community with her sponsor and sponsoring others and is considering taking courses at a bible college. “I don’t know what God has in store but I’m excited and praying for God’s will and purpose,” she says. She wants others to know that there is hope, they don’t have to live like that, there is a way out and for her it was her total reliance upon God. #Changedlives

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