Senior wins Wire Reinforcement Institute Scholarship

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Senior wins Wire Reinforcement Institute Scholarship

Miranda Clark, a Marshall University senior majoring in engineering, has won one of three Wire Reinforcement Institute scholarships. The scholarship is designed for students who are undergraduates or graduate students majoring in structural or civil engineering.


Clark was the only undergraduate selected for the scholarship this year and is the first Marshall student to win the award. A member of the Society of American Military Engineers and American Society of Civil Engineers, Clark has also volunteered with the Rotary Club of Huntington and the Richard F. McCormick Technical Conference.

She is currently working with TRC Engineers in Charleston, West Virginia, as an assistant engineer. Her eventual plans include becoming a professor in structural engineering.

“The content is fascinating,” she says, “and I want to help others see the beauty and wonders that lie within all structures.”

The Wire Reinforcement Institute is composed of industry producers and associates affiliated with structural welded wire reinforcement. The scholarship is designed to encourage students to study civil or structural engineering, and support them throughout their studies.

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