Here's How Cold War Films Prepared Nation for Nuke Survival

Updated 3 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Rhetoric regarding North Korea and missile strikes have conjured recollections or new visions of what to do in the event of a nuclear strike?

  These are "dated" films from You Tube . The most famous was "duck and cover."

Civil defense at that time actually stocked shelters with supplies. They are not now. But the principles for underground safety and thick walls still prevail. (A direct strike would vaporize everyone so its avoid radiation from a distant strike). Some groups of those preparing for life after doomsday have come to additional conclusions.

Gov. Jim Justice will already have his friends secure in the shelter at the Greenbrier so don't think it's an option. Underground areas --- mines, caves --- are good possibilities. But think too about you will need food, water, and air.

The vintage films are for limited vintage education and entertainment purposes, but they still contain morsels of survival preparation, just in case of a blast or terrorist attack.

FINALLY, In this sobering film, a family living 50 miles outside of New York must escape the fallout from a nuclear bomb dropped upon the Big Apple.

IF YOU HAVE further interest in how 50s films depicted survival google some of these:  Panic in Year Zero, Year 2889, Five, and  On the Beach.