Huntington Team Collection has Brought in Over $6 Million in Delinquint Fees

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release

A multi-department team of city employees has made a significant impact on collecting delinquent fees and taxes owed to the City of Huntington.

“Team Collections,” as it is called, consists of members of the Legal Department and Finance Division, but their efforts are assisted by members of Code Enforcement, Permitting and Planning. Since the team was assembled in 2014, it has been responsible for collecting more than $6.3 million.

Currently, Team Collections specifically targets delinquent municipal fees, refuse fees and Business and Occupation Tax accounts for collections. The team takes a multi-directional, escalating approach at collections using tactics that include, but are not limited to, letters, phone calls, and audits.

The city also contracts out some municipal and refuse fee collection to the collection agency of Rossman & Co. Rossman usually takes the first crack at delinquent accounts and Team
Collections picks up with what Rossman & Co. cannot collect. Rossman’s fee is 17 percent of the amount collected.

Team Collections meets monthly to discuss collections activities, collaborate on methods, and exchange responsibility for specific debtors when alternative methods are needed. The team reports collection numbers to the mayor and City Council on a quarterly basis.

Impact of Team Collections

FY 2015: $932,415.47
FY 2016: $3,131,902.36
FY 2017: $2,258,178.02
3-year total: $6,322,495.85

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