VIDEO: Shriek King Tells Best Ideas "Lightning" Striking

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VIDEO: Shriek King Tells Best Ideas "Lightning" Striking

Horror icon Stephen King has his latest, "It," coming September 8. A lengthy preview of a young boy, a paper ship and a ominous clown runs before "Annabelle: Creation" to see the mood for hints of disturbing scares from a villain that preys upon children. Viewers find the "clown" sending shivers, but readers know that Pennywise (played by Tim  Curry in the small screen mini-series) has shape shifting powers allowing him to  take on anyone's image.

During  recent You Tube interviews King spoke of how story ideas flow in his head.

In the two  Interviews  Stephen King speaks about Pennywise and IT Movie Inspiration and the talent to create Scary Stories and Scary Videos. He goes into detail of how he came up with Pennywise and shares a funny true story about him meeting Ronald McDonald while traveling.

For recall purposes, here's a short promo from the TV mini-series from 1990.

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