Best on the Big Screen ?

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Best on the Big Screen ?
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Multiple platforms have developed for viewing a motion picture.

Obviously, lucky ones recall the glory, grandeur and wanderlust of viewing an epic film in a packed theater as the viewers emit their feelings in dramatic scenes.

You can not obtain that collective emotional movement when sitting at home on a no matter how large the high definition screen... unless you have the luxury of a billionaire (movie baron?) who may own or have a movie palace at his or her whim.

Series such as Flashback Cinema revive the crowd experience of classic and new contemporary classic films, such as "Jurasic Park"  (Aug. 13 & 16) and "Smokey and the Bandit" (Aug. 20 & 23) which screen Sunday and Wednesday at select Marquee Cinemas.

However, words do not do justice. A picture (or video?) depicts the ravishing recall hundreds of times better.

A You Tube clip of the climax of "Titanic," illustrates the difference. Recorded at London's Royal Albert Hall accompanied by a full orchestra, the camera perspective captures a "live" on screen experience.

As one viewer wrote, "I love the people coughing to disguise their tears..."


And, the screening with orchestra occurred in March 2017.  Everyone knew the ending and they still cried and hummed "My heart will go on...."

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