Huntington Paving Begins in September

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HUNTINGTON – Twenty-nine sections of roadway will be paved in Huntington during the city’s fall paving program.

Paving is expected to begin in mid-September and be completed sometime in October, weather permitting. The list represents approximately $850,000 of paving projects totaling 3.31 miles.

In addition, City Council members Alex Vence and Tonia Kay Page requested that sidewalks be repaired in their districts in lieu of paving. Vence represents District 3, which includes much of the downtown, while Page represents District 5, which includes the Fairfield neighborhood.

In District 3, sidewalk repairs would take place on the south side of 4th Avenue between 535 4th Ave. and 555 4th Ave. and on the west side of 6th Street between 4th Avenue and 4 ½ Alley. In District 5, the sidewalk repairs would take place on the north side of 10th Avenue between 17th and 20th streets. The sidewalk repairs are estimated to cost $175,000 and are contingent upon City Council approving a budget revision to move funding for the repairs from the city budget’s paving line item to the sidewalk repair line item.

The approved budget for FY 2017-2018 includes $1.6 million for paving, meaning there will be approximately $575,000 left for paving projects that will occur in spring 2018, pending the approval of a budget revision for sidewalk repairs this fall.

Compiling the paving list began with City Council members submitting requests to Mayor Steve Williams. The Mayor’s Office and officials in Public Works worked with the West Virginia Division of Highways to prioritize the requests based on traffic volume, road condition and other factors.

The following is the paving list for the fall by City Council district:

District 1

  • Handley Road (Waverly Road to Sunset Drive)
  • 29th Street West (Piedmont Road to Hughes Street)
  • Piedmont Road (29th Street West to Camden Road)

District 2

  • Jefferson Avenue (19th Street West to 20th Street West)
  • 5th Avenue West (23rd Street West to 24th Street West)
  • 4th Street West (railroad to 7th Avenue West)
  • 6th Street West (Adams Avenue to Washington Avenue)
  • 22nd Street West (Madison Avenue to Jefferson Avenue)

District 4

  • Cavalier Drive (intersection to fifth house on left)
  • West Whitaker Boulevard (5th Street West to Willow Glen Drive)

District 6

  • Wiltshire Boulevard (Oakwood Road to Washington Boulevard)
  • Ridgewood Road (McCoy Road to Summit Drive)
  • Virginia Court (Oak Lane to dead end)
  • Oak Lane (Wiltshire Boulevard to dead end)
  • Fountain Place (Enslow Boulevard to Wilson Court)
  • Military Road (Washington Boulevard to Holswade Drive)
  • Grand Boulevard (Kings Highway to Forest Road)

District 7

  • Saltwell Road (U.S. 60 to Washington Boulevard)
  • Rotary Park Drive (U.S. 60 to Russell Street)
  • 28th Street (Roby Road to Marion Street)

District 8

  • 26th Street (Collis Avenue to 1st Avenue)
  • Elmwood Avenue (28th Street to Latulle Avenue)
  • Cedar Grove Court (28th Street to Guyan Avenue)

District 9

  • Elwood Drive (entire street)
  • Parkway Rear (Elwood Drive to dead end)
  • Tiernan Street (South High Street to Park Street)
  • Altizer Avenue (8th Street in Altizer to Grapevine Street)
  • Hibner Avenue (Norway Avenue to Lewis Street)
  • Grapevine Street (Altizer Avenue to dead end)
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