Welcome Back Message from MU President President Gilbert

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Welcome Back Message from MU President President Gilbert

Dear Marshall University students, faculty and staff,

Welcome to the start of the fall semester! I am always impressed by the promise each new academic year presents to our students, their families, the university and our entire community. It is a time of renewal and an opportunity to reflect on what we want to accomplish in the coming months.

Over the last week, as we welcomed the class of 2021 with a full schedule of WOW activities, I have been energized and excited by the potential I see in these newest members of our Marshall family.

I know the faculty, administration and staff all look forward to helping them develop their intellect and teaching them about service to their community. I look forward to seeing all our students mature intellectually, socially, professionally and ethically while they are here at Marshall.

An important cornerstone of the Marshall experience for all of us is the Marshall University Creed, which draws its inspiration from the founding father for whom our institution is named—Chief Justice John Marshall.

The Creed reminds us that our university community is inspired by the example of the great chief justice, and states that we not only are developing the intellects of our students, staff and faculty, but also are creating new knowledge, defending individual rights and exercising civic responsibility.

It affirms that Marshall is a community that is respectful of others, duty-bound to support the common good, supportive of diversity and prepared to correct threats posed by injustice.

These are precious values, particularly in this time of strife and unrest in our country and the world.

I encourage all sons and daughters of Marshall University to regularly review the Marshall Creed and re-commit yourselves to its core principles.

We will be having a number of programs this semester to give the university community an opportunity to come together to discuss our common values, including treating all individuals and groups with consideration, decency and respect, and how to disagree in rational ways.

I look forward to hearing from you about these issues and others.

Best wishes for a successful year.

We Are…Marshall!


Jerome A. Gilbert, Ph.D.

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