UPDATED:  Goal Exceeded for Power Chair

The $3,500 goal has been exceeded which means that Bob Garza, a former Huntington City Council candidate, will soon receive a replacement power chair for the one stolen from his porch.

Matt Johnson , the former Executive Director at Holtzer Medical Clinic who is now Chief Administrative Officer for Multispecialty Medical Group, Raleigh, N.C.,  a friend of Garza,  started a Go Fund Me page to raise approximately $3,500 to purchase a power chair for Garza.

The campaign started August 23 and by August 25 nearly $3,600 has been raised.

Garza had been staying at a Chesapeake, Ohio, location and stored the chair outside the front door as it would not fit through the door.

Johnson has now reached out to 101 Mobility in Huntington.

"We're going to help him out and get him in a nice chair that will last a long time," general manager, Justin Murdock told WSAZ news.

101 Mobility will lend him a chair for immediate use and will provide a chair that retails at about twice what was raised.

On the Go Fund Me site, Johnson wrote:

Seven people have donated $300 in five hours!! Thanks so much for your generosity. Many more have shared the link to this campaign and this too is much appreciated. 

UPDATED:  Goal Exceeded for Power Chair

It's hard to believe that someone would literally steal his old chair off of his front porch!! Although Bob can get around with significant limitations with a walker, not having a chair severely impairs his independence and all but eliminates the ability to go about for any significant distances.

If you do not know Bob, I can assure you that you won't find too many brighter, optimistic, kind and giving souls. He is an active volunteer in the Salvation Army and seems to be always be giving of himself to others. I think it is time for others to give back to him.

Garza has since learned of the campaign and posted: "Thank you everyone for all your help. I love you all very much."

He laughed about the theft: "The batteries were needing to be charged, so they did not go far," the cerebral palsy victim said.

If you don't know Bob, you can learn more about him on his Facebook page: 

At a time when there seems to be a considerable amount of hate in the world, let's do something with kindness and love for someone in need.