Rains, Catastrophe of 1,000 Years Hits Houston Dam to be Opened to Prevent Collapse Adding Feet to Flooded Areas

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Having already sustained over twenty-five inches of rain, Houston prepares for a super deluge aftermath of Hurricane Harvey which will --- according to models --- move back into the Gulf of Mexico and hit Houston again with rain levels equal to "thousand year storm" levels.

As the devastation continues questions have been asked:

Why wasn’t Houston evacuated? Why wasn’t there a mandatory evacuation order for the city? Who’s to blame? Those are questions people are starting to ask as horrific images circulated of the dire flooding in the city. People begged for help from rooftops, were photographed up to their waists in water in nursing homes, a man was rescued from a partially submerged truck, and families pleaded for rescue on social media.

CLICK HERE: http://heavy.com/news/2017/08/why-wasnt-houston-evacuated-mandatory-evac...

Pro Publica has asked a similar question: Why was not Houston ready for Hurricane Harvey?



The story continues changing and developing.

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