Tri State Youth Football Results

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The results and this weeks (below) schedule for the Tri State football League

Barboursville – OPEN

Ceredo Kenova at Ona/Milton

Guyan Valley at Buffalo

Huntington Hawks at Lawrence County

Tolsia at Hurricane

Vinson - OPEN

Wayne at Douglass Cammack


Ceredo Kenova at Ona/Milton

A: No Game

B: Ceredo Kenova 52 Ona Milton 26

C: Ceredo Kenova 8 Ona Milton 6

D: Ona Milton 22 Ceredo Kenova 0


OM Cody Chapman run. (PAT failed)

CK Ethan Null 22 run. (Gavin Ward run)

OM Trace Adkins 55 run. (PAT failed)

CK Ward 45 run. (PAT failed)

OM Cayden Pauley 65 run. (Adkins run)

CK Null 45 run. (Null pass)

OM Adkins 65 run. (PAT failed)

CK Null 80 run. (Ward run)

CK Curtis Salyers 65 pass. (PAT failed)

CK Ward 55 run. (Null run)

CK Null 60 run. (Jacob Pratt run)


OM Noah Sargent 80 run. (PAT failed)

CK Brae Booth 4 run. (PAT Booth run)


OM Logan Shull 40 run. (Shull run)

OM Shull 6 run. (PAT failed)

OM Shull interception 41 run. (PAT Keian Snyder run)


Guyan Valley at Buffalo

A: Guyan Valley 20 Buffalo 14

B: Buffalo 22 Guyan Valley 6

C: No Game ( Guyan Valley has no C Team)

D: Buffalo 14 Guyan Valley 0



Buf Cody Shy 65 run (run fail)

Buf Zach Edwards 20 run (Zach Edwards run)

Guy Isaiah Smith 25 Pass from Cole Lucas (pass fail)

Guy Kyle Johaim 25 pass from Cole Lucas (pass fail)

Guy Isaiah Smith 10 run (Isaiah Smith pass from Cole Lucas)


Guy Lucas Johaim 5 Run (run fail)

Buf Eli Fry 65 run (Eli Fry Run run)

Buf Connor Marshall 65 run (pass fail)

Buf Eli Fry 60 run (Sean Walker Run)


No Game


Buf Grant McComas 71 run (Cashton Lovejoy run)

Buf Colton Mathis 47 run (pass fail)




Huntington Hawks at Lawrence County

A: Huntington 38 Lawrence County 8

B: No Game

C: Huntington 26 Lawrence County 0

D: Huntington 46 Lawrence County 6



Htg #4 run 22 (Pat no good)

Htg #6 TD 12 run (Pat good)

LC #24 TD 45 pass (Pat no good)

Htg #4 9TD run (Pat no good)

Htg Htg #32 pass interception TD 31 (Pat no good)

Htg #37 TD 35 run (Pat no good)


No Game


Htg #7 TD 42 run (Pat no good)

Htg #1 TD 29 run (Pat good)

Htg #1 TD 40 run (Pat no good)

Htg #1 TD 15 run (Pat no good)




Htg #7 TD 42 run (Pat good)

Htg #2 TD 20 run (Pat good)

Htg #33 pass interception TD 35 (Pat good)

Htg #33 TD 31 run (Pat good)

Htg #22 TD 20 run (Pat good)

LC #22 TD pass 10 (Pat no good)

Htg #7 TD 50 run (Pat no good)


Tolsia at Hurricane

A: Hurricane 50 Tolsia 0

B: Hurricane 36 Tolsia 0

C: Hurricane 16 Tolsia 6

D: Hurricane 38 Tolsia 0


Hur #7 Jeremiah Riffle run 40 yards (PAT #6 Jacquai Long run GOOD)

Hur #6 Long run 20 yards (PAT #6 Long pass to #22 Lucas Rippetoe GOOD)

Hur #6 Long pass to #20 Caleb Alford from the 21 (PAT FAILED)

Hur #6 Long pass to #3 Tristen Scott from the 19 (PAT #6Long run FAILED)

Hur #6 Long run 21 yards (PAT #5 Ross Musick run GOOD)

Hur #7 Riffle run 5 yards (PAT #6 Long pass FAILED)

Hur #22 Rippetoe run 70 yards (PAT #6 Long pass to #3 Scott GOOD)


Hur #8 Landon Poniatowski run 20 yards (PAT FAILED)

Hur #33 Brayden Nester run 45 yards (PAT #15 Keegan Sack run GOOD)

Hur #15 Sack run 1 yard (PAT #8 Poniantowski run GOOD)

Hur #8 Poniantowski pass to #33 Nester from 19 (PAT#15 Sack run GOOD)

Hur #33 Nester run 76 yards (PAT #17Alex Watters run FAILED)


Tol # 2 Cameron Perkins run 62 (PAT #23 run FAILED)

Hur #3 Avery Pannell run 65 (PAT #3 Pannell GOOD)

Hur #3 Pannell run 2 (PAT #8 Cohen Lusher run GOOD)


Hur #19 Garrett Edwards run 65 (PAT #17 Levi Cooper run FAILED)

Hur #34 Ben Lewis run 30 (PAT #1 Sebastian Lemon run GOOD)

Hur #9 Tyler Watkins run 21 (PAT #17 Cooper run GOOD)

Hur # 34 Lewis run 20 (PAT #1 Lemon run GOOD)

Hur #19 Edwards run 61 (PAT #28 Everest King run GOOD)


Wayne at Douglass Cammack

A: Douglass Cammack 34 Wayne 16

B: Douglas Cammack 54 Wayne 0

C: Douglass Cammack 48 Wayne 0

D: Douglass Cammack 40-0



DC Jones 4 run (Johnson run Pat good)

DC Scott 44 run (Pat failed)

Way May 11 run (Damron run Pat good)

DC Austin 65 run (Pat failed)

DC Austin 65 pass from Hager (Jones run Pat good)

Way May 10 run (May run good)

DC Scott 65 run (pat failed)


DC Abercrombie 65 run (Pat failed)

DC Johnson 8 run (Johnson run Pat good)

DC Johnson 16 fumble recovery (Johnson run Pat good)

DC Garrett 65 interception return (Graves run Pat good)

DC Abercrombie 38 run (Harris run Pat good)

DC Graves 36 run (Jackson run Pat good)

DC Walker 65 run (Pat failed)


DC Faulk 13 run (Allen run Pat good)

DC Chandler 65 run (Payne run Pat good)

DC Allen 3 run (Faulk run Pat good)

DC Payne 32 run (Payne to Kinder pass Pat good)

DC Dean 39 run (Kinder run Pat good)

DC Bolts 39 run (McQueen run Pat good)


DC Jenkins 33 run (Pat failed)

DC Reese 59 run (Moody run Pat good)

DC Moody 65 interception return (Pryor run Pat good)

DC Pashcall 41 fumble return (Pat failed)

DC Atkinson 7 run (Pat failed)

DC Pryor 66 run (Pat failed)

SCHEDULE FOR Sept. 2,2017

Barboursville @ Tolsia

Buffalo - OPEN

Guyan Valley @ Wayne

Huntington Hawks @ Vinson

Hurricane @ Ceredo Kenova

Lawrence County @ Douglass Cammack

Ona/Milton - OPEN


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