by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
COLUMN: Forgotten, then Revived, Huntington Tunnel Stirs Anger

The cleanup of The West End Pedestrian Tunnel was symbolic of the city of Huntington coming together. Dwayne Woods and Todd Sweeney gathered citizens who invested time, money, supplies, and sweat into cleaning up the tunnel.

Tina Brooks, a Councilwoman, even donated $100.

This cleanup showed the city and citizens working together.

Apparently, the city did not see it this way.  Huntington has closed it off.

Since cleaning the tunnel under the CSX tracks separating West Huntington from the South Side, once provided a method for Owens Illinois employees to cross to the plant and park near Jackson Avenue. Now, the refurbished passage has gained use as a short cut to Ritter Park.

But is the administration offended that citizens are organizing events and helping out? They should not be. I, for one, admire City Works Director Jim Insco and I think his men are doing a great job. I know Todd Sweeney , and I know he is just trying to help.

There are residents who just are trying to show their pride and do their part. They do not see it as a competition. Aside from a disagreement among some volunteers,  but Todd and his volunteers did not want credit....they did it out of community pride which we all need.

The tunnel has been monitored and is clean. There was no reason to close it off. To me, it is a slap in the face of those who worked hard and was trying to help. This kind of action divides us instead of bringing us together like the project was intended to do.