Proposed Highlawn Revitalization Plan Revealed

Updated 2 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Proposed Highlawn Revitalization Plan Revealed

The Huntington Municipal Development Authority through Lead consultant Sean Garrigan unveiled the long range Highlawn Redevelopment Plan, which is contingent on HMDA along with other entities obtaining vacant and seldom used former industrial sites.

One aspect of the plan would turn a long time dream of Huntington Mayor Steve Williams into reality --- a baseball stadium that would be used by Marshall University. When he took office , Williams mentioned the stadium as one of his dream, bucket list styled projects for development.

"If the plan was implemented in its totality we're talking about well over 100 million dollars in investments," Garrigan said. "But those plans don't happen overnight." He added, "The key thing is the plan does identify the steps that can be taken to move ahead and make change happen in the near term, not 20 years from now."

The ACF plant, Ingram Barge Land and McGinnis property would become  a tech park. The baseball field, housing for MU research personnel, post-industrialization space , and the Polymor center would be part of a fully developed plan which includes new infrastructure.

Highlawn Brownfields Area-Wide Plan


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