Huffington Post will Tell Huntington Trump Supporter's Struggle with Son's Addiction

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Huffington Post will Tell Huntington Trump Supporter's Struggle with Son's Addiction

A Huntington woman who persevered following through on a President Donald Trump inaugural party in the city will be featured in the Huffington Post. Linda Eddy, hairstylist and manager of Fantastic Sam's, told HNN that a team from the Post traveled to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to interview her during a Christ Temple retreat.

Eddy's son Josiah had died of an Overdose on January 19. Her had been an honor student at Marshall University. His addiction story is unlike many others --- he occasionally purchased during times of stress, she said.

Despite Josiah's death and a local restaurant chain removing permission to hold the Trump celebration, she gain quick permission from Schlotzsky's, 844-846 Fourth Avenue, quickly picked up the challenge. "We  had a full house for the party," Eddy said.

" I so believe in President Trump as being chose by God, that I could do nothing else but follow thru with the party. It was a great success, in honor of my son, Josiah, as well as President Trump."

An early Trump supporter, he continues to sound his praises despite hearing media criticism:

"Trump has been severely criticized for his human frailities," she acknowledged.

"God does not call perfect people to leadership," she told HNN. Her statement recalled that most Old Testament leaders worshiped God, but battled severe human flaws. David, Saul, Moses and Samson are just a few she said.

"President Trump is Gods trump card. President Trump loves America and desires to keep God in America. He has chosen to honor God, and God is honoring him with his wisdom, presence, and understanding. God will not allow any person, committee, or organization to successfully stand against him."  She explained that President Trump has "humbled himself in the eyes of the Lord" reaching out for prayers and guidance from the Christian community.

She will be telling her story in the upcoming Ron James bio film, "Choices," which was shot in part at Christ Temple.

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