Edited from a Press Release
CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The special election coming up on Saturday, October 7th, is Secretary of State Mac Warner’s first statewide election as the state’s chief elections officer. Early voting for the special election started last Friday, September 22nd and will continue until the end of the day on Wednesday, October 4th. 

“As the special election begins and moves towards the final day on October 7th, we want to encourage all registered voters to vote. In addition, we want the public to know that we need their help to insure the integrity of the election,”  Warner said.

Warner is issuing an invitation to all citizens to “say something if they see something that doesn’t seem right” with the current election taking place. Election violations, voter fraud, and campaign irregularities are a serious matter for Warner and his legal team.  

“We need to be sure that every election, every candidate, every political action committee and every issue placed before the voters is done in a manner that meets the letter of the law,” he continued. “We can offer no more to the citizens of West Virginia, and they should expect no less from us.”

“We take election fraud very seriously. Every official complaint filed with our office will be investigated. Every tip called into our fraud tip line will be reviewed. And every complaint determined to be valid will be prosecuted.” 

According to Warner, the election fraud tip line is a toll-free and anonymous opportunity for citizens to report an irregularity or illegal action relating to the election. The tip line is 1-877-FRAUD-WV.