Wayne County Indie Film Casting Call

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Wayne County Indie Film Casting Call
“Drawing Near” is a low-budget, independent feature film about a college student being called back home when her estranged mother becomes ill. But, when she returns home, she realizes things are worse than she expected. While she attempts to repair her relationship with her mother, a demon works to tear them apart even further.

Filming will be in the Wayne County, W.Va. area. Most of the film will take place in one location. Featured roles will be paid. If interested, please submit a headshot and reel/resume to six21pictures@gmail.com.

• NATALIE MURDOCK (Female, Featured, 20s) – Natalie is an unassertive but intelligent college student, who has been beaten down by the previous year, which started with the death of her father and has strained her relationship with her mother, Michelle, and brother, Ray.

• MICHELLE MURDOCK (Female, Feature, 40s) – Michelle was once a loving and supportive mother but has become a shell of her former self due to the loss of her husband and this has been worsened by years of alcohol abuse.

• PAUL MURDOCK (Male, Supporting, 40s) – Paul is a kind-hearted man who loves his family and would do anything for anyone. He was the glue that kept the Murdock family together.

• TONY (Male, Supporting, 20s) – Tony is a classmate of Natalie’s who is enamored with her but has yet to work up the courage to ask her out.

• PROFESSOR LANG (Male or Female, Supporting, 30s-40s) – Professor Lang is a passionate teacher who captivates the classroom, regardless of the subject

• SARA JONES (Female, Supporting, 20s) – Sara is Natalie’s roommate and closest friend.

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