Careful on Roku Activation; Check to See it's ROKU, not HERN

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Careful on Roku Activation; Check to See it's ROKU, not HERN

Got or considering a ROKU device.. or another one that streams? Listen up.

Although Roku asks for a card as protection against future purchases, they do not charge $100 to activate an account.

In this case, the number came up following an ACTIVATION ERROR.

When the heavily accented operator explained, he added what appeared like a warranty extension and said call us , not ROKU customer service.

Due to a windows never ending update, I could not fully access second source.

I told the operator that I thought this was fraud or a scam. I offered them a chance to hang up.  They stressed it was not, and the stick could not be activated unless paid.

After warning them I would contact the Attorney General for consumer protection, I gave the card # and on the small phone scrawled an agreement. They told me to call an 855 # if I was dissatisfied in seven days.

A chat with ROKU confirmed it was a scam.

I called bank, disputed, cancelled card, and then cancelled service.

"Why are you dissatisfied," an operator known as Roger (allegedly) told me. I said take it off as Roku informed me of a scam and I was ready to notify the A.G.'s office.

Supposedly , it will be taken off. But I'm not believing anything.

I received a call  back from 855-302-7111 who tried to dispute "dissatisfaction."  He  complained that I was a journalist. Now it will take 3-4 days for the refund to appear.

Be warned: No fee to activate. And there are MORE THAN ONE type of scam. Check what comes up in GOOGLE , if you receive error or an automatic phone number.

The issues with "cancelling" and "reporting" are numerous, such as waiting for a new card, not knowing if they will make other charges, waiting for it to actually "appear" beyond pending, and other sorts of endless toll free number variations.

The Real Roku Customer Service Telephone Number


1-888-600-7658 (ROKU)


Word is the same scam now occurs on Hulu and Netflix:

Hulu Official Customer Service Phone number is: 1 (888) 265-6650

Netflix Official Customer Service Phone Number is: 1 (866) 579-7172


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