Culloden Murder-Suicide Takes Life of Child, Another "Gravely" Injured

Updated 1 year ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

A worst case scenario followed a 1:10 p.m. Friday, June 6, dispatch to the 2400 block of Benedict Road in Culloden: A woman had shot herself and her two children.

Based on reports from Cabell County Sheriff Chuck Zerkle, Leah Cart, 39 , has been identified as the victim who apparently shot five -year-old, Olivia, and seven-year-old , Jonah. As of this writing, Jonah is "hanging on by a thread" following surgery at a Huntington hospital.

Zerkle said that her husband received a text message that caused him to rush home.

At this time, the incident is regarded as domestic related.

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