Cheerleading Competition will be held Sunday October 15, 2017 beginning at 1:00pm at Huntington High School. Teams from all Leagues in Tri-State Youth Football League will be competing.


Barboursville at Ona Milton

A Barboursville 22 Ona Milton 0

B Ona Milton 24 Barboursville 18 OT

C Barboursville 54 Ona Milton 0

D Barboursville 32 Ona Milton 22


OM Logan Shull 24 run (PAT failed)

Bar Anih 23 run (PAT failed)

Bar Brown 70 run (PAT failed)

Bar Brown 67 run (PAT failed)

OM Shill 26 run (Keian Snyder run Pat Good)

OM Snyder 1 run (Shull run Pat Good)

Bar Anih 75 run (Brown run Pat Good)

Bar Adkins 33 run (PAT failed)


Bar Jacob Savage 35 run (Forguson run Pat Good)

Bar Landon Nida 35 run (PAT failed)

Bar Savage 10 run (Nida run Pat Good)

Bar Depsey 36 pass (Beau Christopher run Pat Good)

Bar Forguson 44 run (Nida pass Pat Good)

Bar Forguson 55 run (Cupp run Pat Good)

Bar Dillon 15 run (Nida run Pat Good)


OM Cody Chapman 35 run (PAT failed)

OM Chapman 5 run (PAT failed)

OM Trace Adkins 4 run (PAT failed)


Bar Marshall Christus 77 run (PAT failed)

Bar Jace Coats 77 run (PAT failed)

Bar Coats 96 run (PAT failed)


OM Adkins 2 run (PAT failed

Bar Nash Ryder 30 run (Dillion Ferguson run Pat Good)

Bar Bryan Fry 30 run (PAT failed)

Bar Fry 34 run (Tyler Nance run Pat Good)


Buffalo OPEN

Douglass Cammack OPEN

Huntington OPEN


Hurricane at Guyan Valley

A Hurricane 32 Guyan Valley 0

C Hurricane 40 Guyan Valley 0

D Hurricane 46 Guyan Valley 0


Hur Lewis 8 run TD ( Edwards run Pat Good)

Hur Edwards 1 run (King run Pat Good)

Hur Watkins 60 run (Edwards run Pat good)

Hur King 19 run (Pat Fail)

Hur Duhon 50 run (Lemon run Pat good)

Hur Lemon 1 run (Tate run Pat Good)


Hur Pannell 45 run (Sowards run Pat Good)

Hur Duffy 20 run (Brown run Pat Good)

Hur Brown 49 run (Pannel runl Pat Good)

Hur Sowards 65 run (Short run Pat Good)

Hur Kissel 1 run (Kissel run Pat Good)


Hur Rippetoe 65 pass from Long (Pat Failed)

Hur Scott 40 pass from Long (Long run Pat Good)

Hur Riffle 45 run (Scott run Pat Good)

Hur Alford 1 run (Riffle Pat Good)


Lawrence County at Vinson

A Vinson 16 Lawrence County 0

C Lawrence County 46 Vinson 6

D Lawrence County 24 Vinson 22


Vin Gabe Chambers 22 Run (Chambers Run Pat good)

Law Gray Derifield 6 Run (Mitchell Frazier Run Pat Good)

Vin Chambers 44 Run (Ethan Varney Run Pat Good)

Vin Varney 16 Run (Pat Failed)

Law Derifield 65 Run (Derifield Run Pat Good)

Law Matthew Eakwright 1 Run (Derifield Run Pat Good)


Law Andrew Ratcliffe 45 Run (Ratcliffe Run Pat Good)

Vin Kaiden Hayton 89 Run (Pat Failed)

Law Samuel LeFever 5 Run (Jaden Adkins Run Pat Good)

Law Ratcliffe 14 Run (Kason Staniford Run Pat Good)

Law LeFever Run 24 (Ratcliffe Run Pat Good)

Law Ratcliffe 24 Fumble recovery (Ty Brooks Run Pat Good)

Law Ratcliffe 27 Run (Ratcliffe Run Pat Good)



Vin Luke Haney 1 Run (Bruin Booth Run Pat Good)

Vin Booth 9 Run (Kyndon Keesee Run Pat Good)


Tolsia at Ceredo Kenova


B Tolsia 42 Ceredo Kenova 18

C Ceredo Kenova 20 Tolsia 6

D Ceredo Kenova 34 Tolsia 6


Tol Ekers 3 run (PAT Failed)

CK Watts 55 run (PAT Failed)

CK Hanshaw 25 run (Cicenas Run)

CK Robertson 30 run (Robertson Pass)

CK Watts 40 run (PAT Failed)

CK Cicenas 2 run (PAT Failed)


Tol Johnson 6 run (PAT Failed)

CK Booth 10 run (Booth)

CK Booth 55 run (PAT Failed)

CK Watts 20 run (PAT Failed)


Tol Watts 70 run (PAT Failed)

CK Null 65 run (PAT Failed)

Tol Collie 1 run (Litton Run)

Tol Litton 22 run (Collie run)

CK Ward 70 run (PAT Failed)

Tol Watts 26 run (Collie run)

Tol Litton 74 run (PAT Failed)

CK Ward 20 run (PAT Failed)

Tol Litton 34 run (PAT Failed)


Wayne OPEN



Ceredo Kenova at Buffalo

Douglas Cammack at Huntington

Guyan Valley at Barboursville

Lawrence County at Tolsia

Ona Milton at Hurricane

Wayne at Vinson