by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
EARLIER.... All Points Bulletin for Suspect After Three Dead Near Pedro; 11 year old Missing; Victim Flown to Hospital


Three people have been shot to death, a female victim flown to the hospital, and an elevan-year old boy is missing following a shooting at Decatur Township, Ohio near Route 93 and Perdo, Ohio.

(Editor's Note: A social media post contains HIS photo from his aunt who posts to share as much as possible. Despite some story conflicts, HNN has decided to post the photo of the boy in the interest of assisting in bringing him home safely. )

An all points bulletin (APB) has been issued by  Cabell 911 dispatch concerning a suspect in a blue Chevrolet S-10 pick up with Ohio registration. According to the notification, the suspect MAY be in Huntington. It is unknown if the child is with the suspect.

Neither an official  description of the child or person of interest have been released as of 2 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 12.

Earlier WSAZ reported a large law enforcement presence at two crime scene locations. The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are at the scene, awaiting a search warrant to enter an Ohio location.

The woman airlifted walked to a neighbor's house having suffered stab wounds.

Social media had earlier stated accurately that three people had been killed by shots.