Shooting Incidents Spark Comments for Proactive Policing at Huntington Council Meeting

Updated 1 year ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Shockley and Page
Shockley and Page

Shooting incidents sparked comments from two Huntington City Council members at the Monday, Oct. 23 meeting. Mike Shockley (District 7) and Tonia Page (District 5)  both referred in part to a shooting incident near a youth football field at the A.D. Lewis Center.

Ms. Page indicated that a second team has declined to play their "away" game at the field.

Shockley said , "The Huntington Police Department did a good job capturing the guy," during a "scary" situation in which  he was running about 20 feet from the children.

Referring to an incident at Rotary Park and others, he noted that fortunately "nothing serious happened" and stressed the need for "proactive" policing before something serious occurs.  He acknowledged the difficulty and frustration from jail billing and overtime availability. He urged looking for solutions to the overdose crisis which allows penalties.

District 2 councilman Charles McComas added his district is like all the others --- "all kinds of trouble."

There was no discussion on the topic(s). Council adjourned.



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