Safety, Police Overtime Issues Disrupt Tri State Youth Football Playoff Plan

Updated 1 year ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Safety, Police Overtime Issues Disrupt Tri State Youth Football Playoff Plan

A shots fired in September near an in progress game at the A.D. Lewis field has led to forfeits by five Wayne County teams. According to sources, they intend to hold their own playoff rather than visit the Huntington location.

Due to revenue losses, the Tri State Football League has cancelled this year's Turf Bowl held at Joan C. Edwards Stadium. The rental fee is $7,500.  "There will be a bunch of disappointed kids," said at large council woman Rebecca Thacker, noting that the "kids worked all year for this."  It's unclear whether another team has offered to cover the Turf Bowl costs, according to a printed report.

Buffalo, Ceredo-Kenova, Tolsia, Vinson and Wayne's presidents determined they would not play at A.D. Lewis. Barboursville played there last week; they paid for  four off duty officers, two from the Huntington force and two Cabell County deputies. HPD had two officers also assigned to the game; the zone officer made frequent patrols.

However, the shooting incident in which no player or spectator was hurt has been called "isolated."

With a police presence of six or seven, no incidents occurred at the final regular season game.

But the Wayne teams supported a motion that the Douglas-Cammack's home field at AD Lewis was unsafe. They asked it not be used for playoffs. Seven teams agreed, but by laws required nine of twelve members. 

At large council woman Rebecca Thacker had previously provided a small mini grant to help some youth teams. When told the Turf Bowl had been cancelled, she noted that none of the teams had asked for security assistance funds or funds for paying for rental of the stadium. 

"They have not asked me. I helped with uniforms and Westmoreland bleachers. All  they have to do is ask," Thacker told HNN.

"The kids are the future of the city," she said. "We need to support the kids or we don't support Huntington very well."

"Regardless where they are playing every child has a right to be safe and  secure environment.  It's like the educational system No Child Left Behind. no child should be put in and unsafe environment Safety First and then let the games continue.



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