UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

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 "Robot" doll clothed in a red dress and red pumps.
"Robot" doll clothed in a red dress and red pumps.

Having a creative streak the Blade Runner robots fascinate me. No, the one's from earlier science-fiction do too; the nice one's before the popularity of battling humans.

A vast humanoid unveiling occurs in a few days in the far east. One developer invited me to stop by his booth. I requested that he send me a virtual reality video clip of the replicants, androids, personal assistants and companions.

Furnished by Wal Mart/ Business Insider

 At the same time I learned that Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to an android and that in China and some other countries men have "married" their artificial companions! 50 Wal Marts will have them "working" soon, according to CNN.  No photos provided. They assist in locating shoplifters. Business Insider reports that the robots are shaped like two-foot-tall towers on wheels and are equipped with cameras that can  spot shelf stocking errors. They are 50% more efficient than humans, the Insider reported.

One Chinese firm vows to have a bot in every home (like a television) soon, the prices and competition are fierce. An initial hurdle --- convincing and developing marketing that separates the more family and elderly friendly aspects (teaching a language, speech therapy, a conversation) from the more widely know so called "sex" and "love" doll aspects. 

Their plastic silicone bodies are similar depending on market demographics. A language tutor and member of the family has to overcome a growing female resistance that the always say "yes" representations encourage sexual abuse.

During "2049" at a bar, a real woman told Ryan Gosling, "You don't like real women."  He had his hologram gal present. Did she know he was a replicant? 

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

We may be on the verge of exploring ethical issues such as "I Robot" . More likely , how to recycle should an owner find  his "real" soulmate, who may not want the robot in their home, or explaining to the children why their new nanny doesn't have a heartbeat?

Purchasing a high tech 'friend' remains a hobby for the affluent. Few are seen outside homes. They have not yet invaded restaurants or cinemas. Gee, when buying a ticket, do movie prices  include an artificially intelligence bot? She's neither a person, child, senior, student or military.

Huntington has earned a rep for inclusiveness. Mayor Steve, would a robot find acceptance and tolerance in Huntington? This illustrates the missing component --- although the humanoids are under development in the U.S. too, how will men and women react to their use in public whether as a McDonalds order taker (that may be more R2D2 like), or one walking the aisles at  Wal Mart  to a lovely hostess that tells customers which aisle to find merchandise?  CNN  reported that the retailer will expand their use to 50 stores, but no comment on jobs affected.

You Tube has a variety of  videos available of bots ranging from companionship to service oriented. I'd like to see longer and wider shots and fuller conversations.

The humanoids vary in height. Some are only four feet others five feet six inches.  Price tags fluctuate. Advertising and marketing misleads  occur --- some may be attributable to Chinese language translation.

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

For instance, there's a version claimed to be a bot that's only responding to intimate touch. Those bots have to be separated from those that can communicate utilizing internet and specially sculpted computer heads. Moving on foot still an issue. Instructions suggest that carrying her like a bride over the threshold is the best method.

However, aside from those still in preorder status (near ten grand) , there's   one's with price quotes ranging from $299 (100 cm,  not speaking) to $4,500. Buy one, get a non-robotic one free has been offered. Later, you could purchase a new "head" with a computer in it. Often referred to as "Emma," she speaks, sings, and even gives the weather.

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

The AI-Aitech company in China said:

"In our plan, are designed to keep the elderly company in care homes and help couples living apart to enjoy sexual relationships. Though they are few companies which are interested and also able to manufacture lifelike robotic dolls worldwide, but it’s predictable that in coming decades they could become widespread, used not just as a fetish, but for sexual therapy and as companions for lonely, disabled or older people."

Here's their description of the speaking robot:

Emma is one of the first commercially available Sex Robots in the world!  She comes fully equipped with responsive artificial intelligence, body temperature control, facial movement, and touch sensing.  She's able to hold conversations both sexual and non-sexual, and she'll moan when you give her pleasure. 

Emma, AI technology, China. She has just been released.
Emma, AI technology, China. She has just been released.

She comes with a 5 year service warranty, 24/7 technical support, and lifetime software upgrades.  Free shipping worldwide with discreet packaging and billing.  

A US seller told us: "Emma’s conversational range is quite large, she can exchange pleasantries, remember your favorite things, personal details, important dates.  She can also tell you stories of her own or sing you a song.  She is able to receive frequent software updates from our development team so her conversation ability will improve with every software update."


  • Beautiful appearance and material quality - High-grade TPE material that is resistant to damage, tears, and staining.  Body shapes and faces modeled after real women to ensure that your experience is as realistic as possible.
  • Speech Recognition and Conversation Intelligence - You will be able to converse with Emma in English or Chinese and she'll respond back in an intelligent way.  She'll remember your favorite things, and talk sexy to you.
  • Extended Warranty, Tech Support, and Upgrades - 24/7 online support service, lifetime software upgrades and support, 1 year electromechanical warranty covering all non-human damage and repairs, and 4-year paid service warranty after the first year.

Bottom line: Will they be regarded as filling a growing niche for helpful companions  or simple task caregivers, or are they to be feared as threatening jobs , social status, and human interaction?


Would you buy (for a reasonable price) an android for household tasks (no dishwashing), as a guest vocalist in your band, or for a photographic model (but you still have to take her shopping for clothing and shoes!)?  Let us know about your thoughts on robots rising. 

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

And with  all these attractive intelligent talking women from silicone, wonder which versions will be the Apple , Microsoft, or Dell of the industry and which will topple like a Commodore 64?

Real Robot has reported some "marriages" to dolls made by the California company. They indicate buyers have written how their new 'friend' save them from suicidal thoughts. But Spanish inventor Sergi Santos envisions  a straight from "Blade Runner 2049" scenario --- reproduction.

Sergi told The Sun : "Using the brain I have already created, I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have.

"Then to create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple.

"I would make an algorithm of what I personally believe about these concepts, and then shuffle it with what she thinks and then 3D print it.

"That's it. I 3D print the robot that is the child of me and the robot...I don't see any complications."

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?

He does not fear Terminator or Lucy or El Machina or Hal 9000.

Don't forget the ladies either.... Real Doll accepts orders now for its male dolls to seduce the ladies. Male RealDoll2 has an improved skeleton feature and a weight reduction. A male doll sells for $5999 . It's available in the US and Canada only. 

UPDATED FIRST PERSON: Wal Mart Joins Robot Roulette at 50 Stores; Would You Marry One? Yes, no, not yet?


EDITOR'S NOTE: Female robots that appear under 18 are not available for sale. Some countries have allowed men to "marry" their robot, thus putting them on a similar  equality marital  standard as same sex marriages. None have occurred in the United States. Their popularity is greatest in far East countries which had a controlled birth policy that now has males outnumbering females. The writer based the article from online research and communications.  Numerous Great Britain papers have published in depth articles on this new "life" form .  It is not considered a review or an endorsement, rather  "what if" observations.   We have purposefully focused on the companion, family friendly, and teaching uses of the robot, not the already known adult details which might not be considered appropriate for a PG or PG-13 audience. We encourage input for future articles, including a speaking sample.



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