by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Bunny Rocked Huntington with Artistic Imagination

Facebook reminded me this weekend of a five year friendship. It's more like a working and sharing of creative works --- About that time HNN "discovered" Bunny (the) Bombshell clad in a costume in between a shoot. Her then primary photographer assisted with the delicate process of getting to know her creative dynamics that includes personal privacy and somehow mixes appreciation of vintage female attire to imaginative cosplay recreations AND strong identification with feminism.

Actually, the blonde model and I had crossed paths a few years beforehand , again, at the Drinko Library. I noticed she was checking Model Mayheim leads; we exchanged information, but both of us waited on the other to make contact.

Her photo portfolio is legendary. It's a wonder that she did not find fame in NYC or elsewhere, but likely her own stern insistence on details and originality may have prevented an agency contract. She's not a "runway" type, as the images show --- backgrounds (some specific enough to suggest scenes from a book or movie not a shoot).

Bunny Rocked Huntington with Artistic Imagination


She's done pin-up successfully, but my working relationship and friendship centered on vintage and cosplay. Her new ideas always astound.  View a larger collection of her local appearances using the link below:

Bunny (a.k.a. Lauren Elsa Littlepage) Bombshell has been calling Huntington her home base while traveling often. She's about to re-locate, so fans and friends will likely see her often only on FB and Instantgram.

A direct descendant of the Charleston woman who defended the Civil War Littlepage house from a general, she has her ancestors rebellious streak and stern determination. She has a soft heart, though, she doesn't want anyone to know it. Just listen to her speak of furry friends be they cats, bunnies, squirrels or other small animals.She's done two important favors for me, too, as a friend: Attending a memorial service at First Presbyterian and accompanying me for the first time to dad's grave. Hugs, tears, love, cheers, and thanks.

Bunny Rocked Huntington with Artistic Imagination

Huntington likely has forgotten her most visible contribution to the city --- the downtown Artwalk, which occurred on 3rd and 4th Avenues for about three years. Mayor Williams issued a proclamation honoring her and the co-creator.  She's been a regular at parades, often as Elsa the Snow Queen. She vows to return (family roots in Mason County) for some events, but I'm betting this woman soars to superstardom.

Thank you for your service to the area and inspiring me, especially on features that highlighted the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center which have been utilized to galvanize saving the Keith's  Flushing NY "twin." 

The FIRST galley includes clips from  the model/cosplayer/event organizer during the earlier portions of five years. The next gallery will consist of cosplay characters at regional and national conventions. 

May "the Force" be with you on all your continuing imaginative endeavors. Unconditional love (or as close to humanly possible)  remains in WV should you need any. 

Bunny Rocked Huntington with Artistic Imagination

PHOTO CREDITS: In no specific order, Jeff Hedgecock, Johnny Hall, Tony Rutherford, The Herald Dispatch