Tri State Youth Football League Playoff Results

Updated 3 years ago Edited from a Press Release

The playoff scoring summaries for the Tri State Youth Football League follow



1st round of Play-Offs at Lawrence County

A Lawrence County 44 Guyan Valley 0

C Douglass Cammack 34 Guyan Valley 8

C Hurricane 18 Lawrence County 0

D Barboursville 50 Lawrence County 6

D Huntington 42 Guyan Valley 6


Barboursville vs Lawrence County

Bar Meadows 3 TD run (PAT Failed)

LC Derifield 6 TD run (PAT Failed

Bar Workman 55 TD run PAT Failed)

Bar Anin 56 TD (PAT Good)

Bar Brown 65 TD run (PAT Good)

Bar Workman 34 TD run (PAT Good)

Bar Brown 55 TD run (PAT Good)

Bar Brown 45 TD run (Pat Failed)


Huntington vs Guyan Valley

Hun Newsome 3 TD (PAT Good)

Hun Edens 18 TD run (PAT Failed)

Hun Barber 43 TD run (PAT Good)

Hun Congleton 55 TD run (PAT Good)

Hun Adams 21 TD run (PAT Failed)

Hun Nickleson 34 TD run (PAT Failed)

GV Pricard 60 TD (PAT Failed)


Douglass Cammack vs Guyan Valley

DC 55 TD run (PAT Failed)

DC #88 30 TD run (PAT Good)

DC #2 24 TD run (PAT Good)

DC #8 60 TD run (PAT Failed)

DC #35 35 TD run (PAT Good)

GV #15 TD (PAT Good)




Lawrence County vs Hurricane

Hur Brown 5 TD run (PAT Failed)

Hur Brown 50 TD run (PAT Failed)

Hur Duff 8 TD run (PAT Failed)


Lawrence County vs Guyan Valley

LC McDavid 65 TD run (PAT Good)

LC Crum 11 TD run (PAT Good)

LC Crum 61 TD run (PAT Good)

LC Ball 61 TD run (PAT Good)

LC Runyons 2 TD run (PAT Failed)

LC Skaggs 5 TD run (PAT Failed)



1st Round of Play-Offs at Ona Milton

B Ona Milton 20 Barboursville 6

C Huntington 20 Ona Milton 0

D Hurricane 16 Ona Milton 0


OM Cayden Pauley 20 run (Trace Adkins run Pat Good)

OM Adkins 2 run (PAT Failed)

Bar Jace Coats 55 pass (PAT Failed)

OM Adkins 5 run (PAT Failed)


HH Sean Terry 40 run (Josiah Smith run Pat Good)

HH Josiah Smith 2 run (PAT Failed)

HH Luke Bompus-Scott 55 run (PAT Failed)


Hur Tyler Watkins 3 run (Garret Edwards run Pat Good)

Hur Tyler Watkins 40 run (Ben Lewis run Pat Good)




2nd Round of Play-Off Games

At Barboursville

A Douglass Cammack vs Huntington Hawks

B Douglass Cammack vs Ona Milton

C Barboursville vs Hurricane

D Douglass Cammack vs Barboursville


At Hurricane

A Hurricane vs Lawrence County

B Hurricane vs Huntington Hawks

C Douglass Cammack vs Huntington Hawks

D Hurricane vs Huntington Hawks

All Games Begin at 10:00AM