by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
City of Huntington Facing  Multiple Federal Complaints for Civil Rights Violations, and one  for Retaliatory Discharge, Outrage

Multiple federal lawsuits have been filed against the City of Huntington in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of WV, at least six of which originated in 2017.

Two of the complaints for improper police actions and civil rights violations are filed pro se. One of these has a dismissal pending for failure to state a claim.

Harry Quigley had sued for improper arrest for brandishing a knife in self defense. The police department and Police Chief have  been dismissed , but not the city itself or individuals.  It goes to discovery to determine whether an officer improperly conveyed information to a magistrate to sustain probable cause  that he received via a third party rather than seeing said conduct "in his presence."


Actions are subject to appeal, however, by plaintiff(s).

An amended complaint has been filed on behalf of two women (A.E. and E.W) alleging assault, battery, false imprisonment, civil rights violations and sexual assault by a since fired member of the Huntington Police Department. A dispute exists as to whether the ex-officer performed the acts while "on duty." The misconduct allegedly included fondling a young woman's breasts and kissing her.

A former city truck driver Mark Mills  has filed claims for violation of the medical leave act, disability discrimination, and violation of whistle blower statutes leading to his discharge, ironically, for defending himself from the assault by a fellow employee.

Filed last week, Christopher Hafner alleges civil rights violations during his intoxication arrest including improper use of a leg sweeping maneuver which knocked him unconscious.

Complaints are attached below and can be viewed through PDF download.

Lawsuits --- initial complaints and amended complaints --- allege violations of law based on facts as presented. Following denials , the cases proceed to discovery to narrow or potentially withdraw some contentions. Jurors determine factual credibility, so , well presented facts are presume true. The court interprets law based on the alleged facts.

2018 and 2019 trials have been scheduled.

HNN has not on its lead page named individual officers sued in said complaints. Their names are available, however, in the PDF downloads as a matter of public record.


  1. Hafner v. City of Huntington abd HPD (193.73 KB)
  2. Robinson v. HPD and City of Huntington (247.37 KB)
  3. Smith v. City of Huntington pro se (dismissal pending) (114.42 KB)
  4. Mills v City of Huntington (wrongul discharge; retailation (558.45 KB)
  5. Answer AE and EW (250.11 KB)
  6. AMENDED AE and EW v, City of Huntington (924.87 KB)
  7. Partuak Motion to Dismiss AE/EW (282.93 KB)
  8. Quigley v. HPD/City of Huntington (609.26 KB)
  9. Partial Dismissal of Quigley (465.33 KB)