Huntington Gains Hope at Her Place --- One Person at a Time

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Huntington Gains Hope at Her Place --- One Person at a Time
"I was in active addiction for about 20 years. I started as a teenager. My addiction was on and off. I’m not only doing this [recovery] for myself but I’m doing this for my kids. I’ve learned, since I got here, that I have to do this for myself first in order to better the lives of my children.

I can honestly say that Her Place saved my life, and my children’s as well. If I can do it, I feel like anyone can, but it’s tough to have the willingness.

When I was clean for 19 months, I thought I could do it all on my own. I had gotten suggestions to attend NA meetings but never took the suggestions; I thought I could self-will my way through it.

I was in jail, and there were a few girls who had been attending meetings. Hearing them talk about the meetings—once you attend the meetings, you learn a lot more from other addicts, and I’ve learned that I gotta put things in God’s hands and quit self-willing so much. Seeing how well others were doing was what got me here.

A dream of mine has always been to work from home and be able to set my own schedule to have that free time with my kids. That’s kind of fallen on my lap since I’ve been here. When I go home, I have a job waiting working for an internet service provider. I’ll be doing mailing, billing, and customer service.

I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to life than just money and material things. I value my time with my children more now than I did before. Before, life was all wrapped around material things so that’s why I was working 70 hours a week. I’ve come to realize now that life’s not all about that.

A lot of people that don’t understand addiction or that have never been in addiction just look at the negatives. If they could see the positives of recovery from addiction—I think that’s a big thing."
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