by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
COLUMN: Prayer, Compassion  Still Needed for Addicts in Recovery

Addiction is a very human infliction. It has shredded our communities dignity, raised our crime rate, and took loved ones from us. We will only put the pieces of our community back together through forgiveness and compassion. The drug epidemic is far from over but people are recovering. I see it everyday..

There are good people...most are in Recovery themselves...helping save addicts. These people are out there busting their asses everyday to help the fallen stand again.

Even in Recovery, addicts need our understanding and compassion. It is not easy. Relapses are deadly. I heard a recovery addict' say, "We never got tired of the high. Almost all of us would use again if we could get just the high. What we got tired of was the consequences of getting high and what we had to do to get that high."

I work within the Recovery field. I also have loved ones who fight it everyday which is another reason why this fight is so personal to me. A loved one recently passed one year clean but the lure is always there. Master Heroin is always lurking out there trying to suck her and others back in.

I watched a young Recovery leader speak not too long ago....a young man who is quickly becoming a force against addiction ....He said not too long he stayed in his room and cried the whole day because the urge to use was so strong.

We need to cast our support and pray to give these addicts the strength and courage to fight this. It is never an easy fight and the fight is never over. We must give these recovering addicts another chance in our community. Another chance to show they can lead productive lives and return the love we give them.