T-Shirt Sales Support Feed the Animals @ Animal Control

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T-Shirt Sales Support Feed the Animals @ Animal Control

The HCW Animal Control Shelter would like to thank D & D Outfitters for starting a campaign this holiday season to help provide dog food and cleaning supplies for the shelter. The campaign is called:


We need your help this holiday season. D & D Outfitters is teaming up with Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Shelter to feed the animals.

Did you know...
1. This shelter alone goes through 1500 pounds of dog food each month.

2. This shelter alone uses 3 gallons of bleach each day

We want to help to make sure these animals have the food they need this winter.

We have designed a "Together We Can" T shirt to help make this possible. Each T Shirt is $15.00 and 100% of the sales will be used to purchase food and cleaning supplies. You can buy this T Shirt at any of our locations. If you don't know where we are located, click this link and it will give you all of our locations. www.dndoutfitterswv.com

These would make great gifts for anyone on the list that is an animal lover or for anyone that you don't really know what gift to buy them. After all, they will get a cool T shirt to wear and can feel good knowing the proceeds went to a good cause.

So stop in any of our stores today and pick up 1 or 100 T Shirts and know that the animals say "Thank You". #TOGETHERWECAN

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