AG Joins Faith Leaders to Fight Opioid Abuse

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release
BECKLEY — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey traveled to Raleigh County to continue a faith-based initiative aimed at empowering religious groups across the Mountain State in the fight against substance abuse.

The Attorney General’s “Combating Addiction with Grace” program took place in Beckley for a conference on Tuesday at Calvary Assembly of God. It followed successful conferences already held in Martinsburg, Parkersburg, Fairmont and Wheeling, and will continue with similar events elsewhere through next spring.
“The faith-based community plays a big part in fighting this horrible epidemic,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “We must work together to see significant improvement, and most importantly save the thousands of lives caught in addiction’s grasp.”
The goal was to form an action plan and ideas of how to combat the drug epidemic in each community represented.
“This is a 12-year prayer answered for One Voice. We are thankful that Attorney General Morrisey has taken this step to bring the faith-based initiative together in this way,” said Debra Davis of One Voice. “We look forward to working with his office and the groups who have gathered here.”
“The outcome is to build passion in our local faith-based communities and make a difference when it comes to this horrible epidemic,” said Leon Brush of Brian’s Safehouse. “Building a community among local churches will benefit those who are lost in addiction. I look forward to being a part of that mission.”
“I think this is a necessary move that recognizes the importance of both church and government in the continued battle against the opioid epidemic,” said Melodi Hawley, a spokeswoman for the Safehaven Campaign. “There is a sense of togetherness between all organizations present and we appreciate the Attorney General for spearheading this movement.”
The initiative connected faith leaders with law enforcement, first responders, residential treatment and local substance abuse groups among others. Attendees also received resources to help those suffering from opioid abuse and addiction, while expanding their understanding of the statewide impact.
“Combating Addiction with Grace” continues the Attorney General’s holistic approach to reduce the supply and demand of prescription opioids, as well as an educational component to prevent future addiction.
This holistic approach includes criminal prosecutions, civil litigation, major change of drug policies, multistate partnerships, new technology, awareness initiatives, drug incinerators and drop boxes to dispose of unwanted/expired prescriptions and the best practices toolkit endorsed by more than 25 national and state stakeholders.
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