Monroe Avenue Hit & Run Victim Dies

Updated 51 weeks ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

The victim of a hit and run at 10th Street and Monroe Avenue on Saturday evening, Nov. 18, has died. The family of Jennifer Meadows said he injuries were too severe after struck --- perhaps intentionally --- by the driver of the  vehicle. 

Family members released the following:

"At this time we ask for prayers of comfort and guidance for the family as we deal with the difficult days ahead of us. At approximately 5 am this morning with the guidance of the Doctors at St. Mary's we decided to let her be at peace as her injuries were too severe to overcome. At this time we are left with many questions on the accident and ask anyone with information to please come forward and contact HPD.”

The full statement indicates that eyewitnesses say that she was hit intentionally. 

Huntington Police have located the vehicle but no arrests have been made. 

The vehicle may have been stolen, but this is not confirmed or official. 

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