SCE Plans Beach Burial of San Onofre Radioactive Waste in Canisters Known to Crack and Leak in Less Than 20 Years!

Updated 2 years ago Edited from a Press Release

Nuclear Hotseat , a nuclear awareness podcast, has cautioned about a burial plan for burial of highly radioactive waste near the high tide location of the Pacific Ocean.

This Week's Featured Interview:  
  • Donna Gilmore of reports on Southern California Edison’s plans to bury 1,800 tons – that’s 3,600,000 pounds <!> of high-level radioactive waste on the Pacific Ocean a mere 36 yards from high tide in canisters that are known to crack and leak.  Each one contains a Chernobyl’s worth of radiation less than 70 miles from Los Angeles!
Numnutz of the Week (For Nuclear Boneheadedness):
  • “Shelter in place” after a nuclear accident… and stay there?  New study provides a great way to keep the bodies out of the streets and the clean-up to a minimum!  Beware of “*NEW IMPROVED*” methods of measuring radioactive risk… and always check out who’s behind the funding for this kind of bogus pro-nuclear “research.” 

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