Skull, More Human Remains Found in Lawrence County , Ohio

Updated 46 weeks ago Edited from a Press Release

The investigation into the skull that was found in Wayne National Forest off of CR 5 in Aid Township continues, according to Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless, who revealed that the skull appears to have bullet holes in it. 

Family members of a man reported "missing" independently searched the area too and found more remains and clothing, the Sheriff said in a news release. 

In his timeline release, Lawless stated:

"On Saturday 11/25/2017 a person was hunting in this area and came upon a human skull. Deputies and Detectives went to that area that day and collected the skull. While there another bone was found that appeared to be a femur bone. The skull in question has what appears to be two bullet holes, one appears to be an entry wound and the other an exit hole. The forest floor was covered with leaves and foliage so the Detectives decided to mark off the area in grids and return with people who can better search the area with as little disruption as possible. Because there were what appear to be bullet holes we also wanted to take metal detectors into the area to see if we could locate a gun.

"The area was investigated till near dark on Saturday so the area was left marked off until we could return. Because it was a weekend and on top of that a holiday weekend we found it difficult to get the necessary, non-employees organized to search on the next day, Sunday. All parties agreed to meet Monday morning and conduct the search. While in route to the location on Monday 11/27/2017, Detectives were notified that family members of a local missing man had went to this area on Sunday and found more human bones and a handgun near the bones. Detectives collected these items from the family members and then proceeded back to the location. While there, clothing items we believe to be associated with these bones were located with the help of metal detectors.

"The investigation is ongoing and all bone will be sent to a Pathologist in Montgomery County for examination," Lawless said. 


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